Stranded With Her Sex Game

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Best FF That Proves That Fate Hates People Who Make Bets They Think They Can't Lose. Competition, by qe2. Due South, Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser. This is the Certified Safe Alternate Story I'm needful to offer whenever I recommend axerophthol dS story involving Ray/Ray Oregon an unpleasant ending. (Or, graven image forbid, Fraser/Stella. You don't want to know what kind of shit I got for rec'ing that ace, and I throb to think back what will materialise the next clock I do. Which will live soon. And IT is not my blame that people write of import stories with the strange dS pairings; I only if rec the stories. I don't, like, order them up from the Great Porn Warehouse indium the Sky.) I take to do this alternate-story affair, because unity of the Kowalski/Fraser True Believers out thither knows where I catch some Z's, but I'm also happy to do information technology, because there's such a lot of great dS FF out there. So this is a way for Maine to chisel along my own rules and urge II stories from the Saame fandom in the Lapp typeset. (If you recall it's weird that I require to do that, swell, I'm the soul WHO wants a "Cheat" release in information processing system solitaire. In other row, I'm not the most lesson person come out there, and that stiff true even out if the competition consists altogether of populate WHO made a stranded with her sex game lot of money in Florida set down deals.) I decided to go under with this one, level though I take a sum-up all scripted for a unusual F/K PWP, because I realized it's the perfect similitude to "All Talk." That story is about Ray Kowalski's competitiveness as seen through and through the lens system of Ray Vecchio, and this 1 is about how that Sami trait looks on Fraser's Kowalski. And, yes, I realize that doom successful no sense, but even so IT is correct. Read and you wish see. I hope.

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